The Rise of the Renaissance- Lush Spa Cardiff ‘The Renaissance Perfume’ Treatment Review

A review of LUSH Spa’s new treatment ‘The Renaissance Perfume’.

The Great British Fall Out. How to survive the General Election.

DAY 11: The Great British Fall Out. How to survive the General Election. #12BlogsOfChristmas #GeneralElection2019


Have you ever fully felt present? Inarguably engulfed in the here and now? Void of any outside influence or worry? It’s what we all desperately search for, isn’t it? The peace, the stillness, the seemingly flat-line of life, where gargantuan levels of life exists. I’ve escaped to the country for the weekend, which isn’t difficultContinue reading “Escapism”

It’s time to check in with your mindfulness.

I’m sat with an ahem, double gin and tonic on my one side, and ‘The Motivation Mainfesto’ by Brendan Burchard on my other. I’ve claimed my position on the balcony of a bar down Cardiff Bay with my visions of living the idyllic, ‘writer inspired by beautiful views’ high life, interrupted by a sea ofContinue reading “It’s time to check in with your mindfulness.”